Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out of step!

 When I saw the dear little footprints on Alex's wonderful blog I just knew I needed to put some on my Travellers Blanket.  So with Alex's permission I have put some on one of the squares that looks a bit like sand or the stones we have on our beach.  These were done with back stitch and colonial knots. I had trouble getting the big toes to look right!
I walk on our beach every day, in my walking shoes, but I do have the occasional bare foot paddle in the hot weather. However, I'm a big believer in the saying 'leave only footprints' in relation to how we treat this earth so these little footprints have lots of meaning. Thank you Alex!  (Mine are not quite as neat as yours, they look a bit out of step!  Lol!)

I have also added some running stitch around two of the squares to see what it looks like.


  1. OH, they are gorgeous!! I love the way they wander into the square and across it! And the running stitch frame sets that square off perfectly. Thank you so much for your kind words too. ;o)

  2. oh those footprints again. just love them...and your colors.