Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seed heads

The Christmas/New Year craziness is over, things have quietened down and all the leftovers are nearly eaten.  Back to stitching!

I have finished stitching all the squares to the background on my Travellers Blanket and I have embroidered my first one. The fabric on this one reminded me of the seed heads on the grasses that grow in the sand hills and in our front yard.

Years and years ago my mum and dad used to collect these, spray paint them white, sprinkle them with silver or gold sparkles and sell them as Christmas decorations in their interior decorating shop!
I put some in a vase on our dining table this Christmas along with some driftwood from Mission Beach.

It's been so hot here for the last three days (41C one day!) that I haven't walked on the beach, but it's been perfect for sitting in front of the air conditioner and stitching!


  1. love how you stitched on the squares and the area where it just comes off the edge. nice.

  2. ...and it is so cold here. I love your embroidery work to mimic the grasses....

  3. Lovely! What a great design idea. This will be an amazing quilt.

  4. Happy New Year Deb! I love those beachy seed heads too! I was just admiring some a couple of days ago. 41 degrees sounds a bit rough! Hope things are cooling down for you now x