Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seaching for Roy G Biv - YELLOW

I didn't think I'd see much yellow around my neighbourhood but ended up finding more images than I needed! I did enjoy looking for them all.

First of all the slippery dip in our local park.

Some selected pebbles on the beach. A pale browny shade of yellow!

A very pale shade of yellow for these grasses by the side of the road.

An unusual sculpture with a yellow surf board in someone's front yard.

Some yellow yarn tied to a post near the beach.

A road sign telling you to turn right, unless you want to end up over the cliff and onto the beach!!

The last of the summer wattle. (The floral emblem of Australia.)

And a selection of yellow threads.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Our latest challenge for Stitching Across the Ditch (12 x9) was CIRCUS. I had some cuttings from an old magazine of some posters that I thought were interesting and after a bit of searching on Google I was able to determine that they were old Polish circus posters. I really liked the contortionist and used her as inspiration for my little quilt. I added star sequins to add to the spotlight feel of the circus.

At the moment I am holidaying in a lovely little town on the Yorke Peninsular called Moonta. Our caravan is parked right by the seafront and this is our view every morning. The sun is just coming up and the clouds disappeared a short time later. We have walked the length of the jetty several times!