Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Letter a Week

I have posted new letters over on the A Letter a Week blog. For this second alphabet I am working with paper, something I'm not very familiar with, so it will be a challenge and a change for me. I am using water colour paper for the background and an old Ikea catalogue for the cut out letters. I did these at home and photographed them before we came away on holidays. Do go and see what everyone else is doing - so many clever people!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Holiday Stitching

All those projects I brought to work on while I am on holiday are still in the cupboard!

I did buy a linen tablecloth from the opshop for 50 cents that was stiff with starch and pulling apart at the seams. I washed it and tore it into squares, blind basted two pieces together a la Jude, and it is now lovely and soft to work with. I am doing some Kantha style stitching on it with a selection of Finca No16 threads. They are lovely to work with.

Not a lot to show for my holiday stitching but there are so many other things to do here like walking, bike riding, reading, eating, drinking, socializing, sightseeing and snoozing! Plenty of time for stitching when we get back to our regular routine and the cold weather again.