Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grape Harvest

The theme for our challenge this time was 'The Harvest'. When Judith suggested it we were in the middle of the grape harvest here in the area where we live. I found an interesting photo on the internet and adapted it slightly to fit the 12 x 9 inch dimensions. I used a hand dyed fabric for the grapes and free motion quilted over it. All those grape theme fabrics I showed you a few weeks ago? They ended up on the back and the binding. To see more challenge quilts go here.
Continuing and playing with more SunMoonStar themes. This is only about 4 inches square. I may join them all together when I have a few more. A split backstitch for the orange rays and a wrapped backstitch for the black and white rays.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matching points!

It seems quilters aren't the only people who have trouble matching points! Workmen have spent several days building a new fence at the end of our road to hold back the sand. This is where it joins up with the rest of the fence!!
On a brighter note, it was much nicer on the beach this morning. I could get quite close to these two terns. They were making lovely little calling noises to each other. I love their little short legs - quite out of proportion to their bodies.
And this gentleman looked like he was learning how to fly as he was staying very low and close to shore. Not something I want to do myself but it must be a fabulous sensation! A hot air balloon would be more my style!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pots of gold

 It would be nice if there were pots of gold at both ends! This was the view from my window this afternoon.

 Not sure where this fellow came from but he demanded a crown and some rosy cheeks! One of the moons I've been working on whilst doing Jude's SunMoonStars class. It's been such fun and I will be sorry when it finishes.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little bit windy and a little bit of stitching!

The wind was whipping up the sand on the beach this morning making walking very unpleasant. So a very short walk and back home to stitch.  One of my 'disasters' has a silk moon appliqued over it with some stitching added, and one of my bleached moons also has some stitching. Need to do more!
I have also been working on my 'Harvest' challenge which will be revealed next week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Short holiday!

Have been away for a few days at one of our favorite spots - Port Vincent. It was very cold but we had a couple of lovely sunny days. These fellows are always hanging about waiting for all the fish guts at the fish cleaning station. They are so ungainly on their feet but so graceful when they fly overhead.

I have invisibly basted one of my bleached moons ready for stitching. The moon was done on a piece of fabric that was sun dyed with leaves many years ago. It has a piece of spotty navy Japanese cotton and a gold coloured shot cotton behind it. To me it looks as if you are looking through a window at the full moon, which we did last night! Have got no idea how I'm going to stitch it yet so I have basted some moons ready to do some experimental stitches.

And just to show you that all my bleaching experiments weren't perfect, here are some of the disasters! Good fun trying though.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sun Moon Stars

I have joined Jude's sunmoonstars whispering class and I had a lovely afternoon yesterday experimenting with bleach dyeing. Jude showed us how to make stencils using freezer paper. Some results were good, others not so good!  Here is a picture of some of the better experiments. I used a variety of mixes - straight bleach, bleach mixed with cornflour, bleach mixed with Jif, and Harpic Bleach Gel. I am keen to try some more.
An unusual site at the beach today - five swans swimming just off shore! I think they come from the nearby wetlands but it is unusual to see them in the sea.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ominous clouds


Some showers forecast for today so there were dark clouds at the beach this morning. A row of galahs on the fence and part of a rainbow far across the water took my eye.
The subject for our next challenge is The Harvest. As we live in a big wine growing area I decided my subject definitely had to be about harvesting grapes. I've gathered some pictures and some appropriate fabrics, now I have to start cutting and stitching!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where did April go?

Oh my, where did April go? We've had some stunning weather so there's been lots of gardening, outdoor lunches and time on the beach walking and fishing. Easter was a five day holiday this year as Anzac Day fell in the middle of it, so we had to have an extra public holiday!  Not a lot of stitching happening, although I have finished my Wagga.
It's been made in the traditional style of 'making do' using a book if tailors samples, a book of furnishing fabric samples, an old pillow case and some pieces of a woolen dressing gown. All things I had in the cupboard! The back is two pieces of some old curtains and the hanging sleeve is some old mattress ticking. I've then stitched it all together with some big stitch quilting.

At the beach there has been some beautiful lace seaweed, a cranky crab leaving interesting tracks, and probably a cranky man who got his car stuck in the sand as the tide was coming in!