Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beach weather

Even spiders need a day at the beach in this hot weather!!
It's been 39C for two days. More to come!
I like his shadow.

I have been working on one of the squares on my Travellers Blanket.  We always see plenty of shells here on our beach and when we are traveling.  I've worked this one with back stitch and french knots.  I may do some more stitching on the background. I've been using a hoop for this one as it is right in the middle of the quilt and hard to get to.


  1. Lovely idea Deb, your Travellar's Blanket, it will not be easy to do the middle ones ....
    That CAT in the previous post is so lovely !!! Great when the little ones are into the same hobbies ! She's got talent !

  2. The shell is gorgeous, both with and without the stitching!