Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have finished stitching another square on my Travellers Blanket. The fabric is a hand printed piece I bought many years ago in New Zealand. I decided to stitch the crab blue to remind me of the many yummy Blue Swimmer Crab feasts we've had in one of our favourite holiday destinations - Port Vincent.

Other crabs I have watched are the sand crabs at Mission Beach in Queesland which roll up balls of sand as they search for food, so I stitched 'thread beads' (learnt from Jude Hill at Spiritcloth) to represent the little balls of sand.

Surprising how one little piece of fabric can take me to two different states of Australia and another country across the ocean!


  1. The crab is fabulous! (And probably delicious as well!) Just come across via your lovely comment on my blog and I shall be coming back regularly. Loving what you're doing and the Travellers Blanket really appeals! :o)

  2. That photo is amazing Deb and I love the way you have stitched the crab and the thread beads.........with us both working on beach themes it will be terrific to see the different ways we interpret it.