Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas rush

Where has December gone? The last two weeks have disappeared in a rush of shopping, babysitting, cooking, cleaning and Christmas parties. It's not my favourite time of the year. I much prefer a slower pace!

I have been able to do more stitching on my Traveller's Blanket though and nearly have all 63 squares stitched down. I am looking forward to starting some embroidery on each one. 

 Don't you love the fabric with the thongs? Thongs are an iconic symbol of Australian life. Long hot summers and very casual clothes! I think they are call flip-flops in America and jandals in New Zealand.

On the beach this morning somebody had made a window out of stones!

 And these seagulls are doing what a lot of us are feeling at this time of the year - appearing calm and relaxed on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am making some progress on my Travellers Blanket. I have pinned the three layers of the quilt together and started to applique squares of fabric on top. I had great fun auditioning lots of fabrics from my stash and coming up with 63 squares that somehow relate to the beach and the area around here, and that also fit my colour scheme. (I can't believe I had that many different fabrics - well, yes I can!  But it was nice not to have to buy anything new.) Once all the squares are attached I will start adding some embroidery.

 I have also finished and added another little bird to my collection. 

Nothing very exciting has happened at the beach lately apart from a man falling off his horse and being carted off in an ambulance. I didn't think you'd want to see pictures of that! (I can report that both man and horse are OK.)  Anyway here is a lovely reflection photo taken a few weeks ago.