Friday, November 4, 2011

Mice and hair rollers!!

I have been experimenting with some pincushion patterns (to make for gifts). There are a lot of patterns on the internet.  I have fallen in love with these little fellows!!  They were very easy to make. The ears, eyes and whiskers are a little bit fiddly, and I put a big metal washer in the bottom so they stand up!
The pattern is here. Click on tutorials.

This cheeky boy was watching me closely from the pine tree out the back today - a yellow-tailed black cockatoo. There are lots of them eating the new pine cones. You can hear them crunching!!

I am always amazed at what you find on the beach. Where did this hair roller come from?  Did the owner come to the beach in rollers and drop one? or was she on a boat out in the ocean?  Who wears rollers any more??  Sitting on the sand it actually looks quite beautiful!  It might make some sea creature a neat little home!

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  1. i still use the steam rollers when it's time for me to get another perm. love your little pincushions and thanks for weighing in on my magic cloth. i've been stitching on it this evening.