Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Round and round and round........

'Round' was the theme for our 12' x 9" challenge this time. It was quite hard to come up with an idea. I was inspired by a quilt in this year's Quilt National by Judy Kirpich, but I constructed mine in a completely different way. (Also her quilt was a lot larger!) I used 1/8 inch strips of fabric cut on the bias and applied to the background fabric using Vliesofix. I then stitched it down with a narrow zigzag. I was going round and round by the time I finished!  More 'Round' quilts here.

 And another little bird stitchery!  No bird, but a little nest with eggs and tiny french knots in the background.


  1. your nest is just beautiful Deb & love your circled feather on the Magic Feather Project!

  2. Love all of your birds and this simple little nest is beautiful!!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments.