Friday, November 18, 2011

Lots of birds and a fish.....again!

The swans' nest is no longer in the middle of the the lagoon! The wetlands are drying out as we approach summer. I guess the babies are almost big enough to look after themselves. You can make out two or three young still sitting on the nest.

This salmon was on the beach this morning. Something, maybe a small shark, has taken a big chunk out of his side!  A bit gruesome!

Something far more cheerful - I have finished three little birds. These are all only 4" square and as I said before they are a mixture of hand stitching, embroidery and machine applique on onion skin dyed fabric. I have a couple more on the go.


  1. They are lovely deb, so delicate and full of bird-like character!
    Brings me up short to read about summer coming on when I (even up here in a more southerly patch of the northern hemisphere)have just sorted out an extra duvet to put on the bed at night though!
    Have a good day (or do I mean night?!)

  2. Your birds are adorable! Really nicely done. I like the stitched circles too.