Friday, March 22, 2013

Searching for Roy G Biv - ORANGE

I can't believe it's a month since my last post for Roy G Biv! This time I searched outside for all things ORANGE and managed to find quite a few. (Here is a link to Julie's blog for more information about the challenge.)

Tiny Hooded Plovers are often seen on our beach and there is a sign on the ramp telling you about them. They have a bright orange surround on their eye and an orange beak.

Some builder's fencing mesh.

I have no idea what this flower is but the bush also has bright blue berries!

Another flower whose identity I do not know! I need to brush up on my gardening!

 The roof on our local phone box which vandals regularly try to destroy! One lot crashed into it with their car, another set fire to it and it is often covered in graffiti! (and bird droppings of course!)

Orange bracelets on the arm of a woman in a lovely print I have on the wall. Not such a good photo because of the reflection from the glass but I like the patterns.


  1. Hi Deb- I enjoyed the walk around your neighborhood in the Search for orange. Thanks for taking the time to join in the fun.--Julie

  2. The little bunch of flowers with the blue berries is Lantana. I enjoyed my trip discovering Orange on your blog. Until next month.

    1. Of course, lantana! I'd forgotten the name. Thank you Maya.

  3. Orange is my favorite color ~ everything outside in my world is white right now. We are having more surprise snow in Kansas this weekend.

  4. Just popped by your blog, found on OnePInkGoose

    The other plant is Leonotis leonuris, or lion's tail from southern Africa.

    From Leslie who grew up in South Australia and loves stitching and plants