Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beach graffiti

Little creatures under the sand were busy bees this morning! Lots and lots of these marks on the beach. Looks like graffiti.


The horse trainers had their trotting buggies deep in the water this morning. I can't imagine the salt water does much for them!

Although it was a beautiful warm morning on the beach there was a rolling fog over the hills. 

Lots more giraffe drawing and painting. I am really enjoying this online class. The other participants are very inspiring. I've dug out my father's water colour paints and have really enjoyed working with them. (My father has been dead for 22 years and only started painting himself a few years before he died. This is the first time I've used his paints.)

And another paper collage, just because they are so much fun to do! The background has been stamped with celery and carrot!


  1. Those marks in the sand are amazing. Do you know what makes them? Love the collage giraffe. :o)

    1. Hi Alex, I think they are a tiny sea snail. I've tried to find some information on the web but still can't find out exactly!

  2. Hi deb- Love those dancing lines of graffiti! The collage giraffe is a hoot! (and I did notice that you did some veggie printing)--Julie