Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Losing my marbles!

Not really, but it has been busy around here lately!
The subject for our latest 12 x 9 challenge was Toys. I Googled toys to look for some ideas and found an image I really liked. Turned out to be an Australian woman in Sydney designing her own fabric! So I purchased two colour ways of the marble fabric and asked Susie if I could use her image. (You can visit her blog here. She has another fabric design with Lego on it.)

I can't ever remember actually playing the game of marbles (not even sure how it's played) but I do remember enjoying looking at all the lovely colours, the feel and sound of the marbles in their bag, and just the fact of owning them.
My daughter now uses marbles as a reward system for her children. When they have a certain number (for being good or doing jobs or not fighting) they can have a coveted object. There is often talk in their house about 'losing all your marbles'!

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  1. Popped over from Spirit Cloth. This is a great response to a challenge and the title is so perfect!
    best from Tunisia,