Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach finds and stones

It's amazing what you find on the beach! 
The day before yesterday we found a mobile phone by the waters edge and after waiting for it to ring, and some amusing conversations, we were able to return it to a very grateful owner.

Yesterday I found roses tangled up with the seaweed. Where had they drifted from? A memorial service, ashes scattered at sea or perhaps a wedding?

I have stitched some stones to send to Jude for her Magic Feather project. You can read about it on her blog. The beach I walk on has big banks of stones above high tide mark. People used to come with trailers and cart them home to use in their gardens. That is now forbidden but I must admit to bringing the odd one home with me. I have a collection of heart shaped ones.


  1. those heart stones are wonderful as are the stitched ones. that must have been one happy cell phone user.

  2. Oh my....those stones look amazing...I can just feel them in my mind...smooth cold wonderful to hold....I would not be able to resist them...

    I especially love the hearts

  3. The heart shaped stones are so pretty. Never thought of looking for ones that shape!