Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cassowary and colour

My sea lettuce didn't want to part with any of it's colour even when I bashed it with a wine bottle! So that piece of fabric is now soaking in some salad dressing and soy sauce! You never know?
Two more pieces of fabric are wrapped around some seed pods and seaweed remains that I found on the beach this morning.  I realise I could be doing this far more scientifically and waiting a lot longer for some results but I'm just having a bit of fun and playing with what I can find around me. It doesn't matter if nothing happens!
The rainforest up here is home to the cassowary - a large flightless bird. Because of the cyclone damage a lot of their food source has disappeared and this morning a male and his chick came into the caravan park looking for food. They can be quite dangerous with those monstrous clawed feet, so we all watched from a distance and took photos. People are discouraged from feeding them but special feeding stations have been set up in the rainforest so they don't starve.

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  1. Am so looking forward to seeing what ultimately emerges from your pots, potions and stitchery. At the moment I am baffled ...
    I'd never heard of your visitor before. He looks beautiful. Inspirational even.