Monday, August 29, 2011

Birds of a feather...

 We visited a bird sanctuary and saw lots of beautiful feathers!  However they were still attached to the birds so I couldn't bring any home!

I've stitched another feather for Jude, still using the opshop shirt fabric. Onion dyed for the feather and plain white for the background. The thread is a silk that I brought with me for another project.


  1. Well, Deb, you sure had lots of inspiration for your feather !!
    (I'm making another one too: kind of addictive ....)

  2. Wow, your feather is amazing! And I love the tawny frogmouth and the other owl too!

  3. After your recent comment on my blog I've revisited yours and have once again been enchanted by your stitching (and envious of your environs). The photo images are also wonderful.