Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old photos

Yesterday Jude posted beautiful photos of her grandmothers dress and her grandmother. They reminded me of a series of quilts I made many years ago based on old photos of my grandmother. What is it about the old photographs compared to photographs taken today? Is it because they are black and white, or does the distance of time make them more intriguing? Over the next few days I will post a photo and the small quilt I made from it. I had such fun doing these and actually taught this as a class for many years.
This quilt was all done by machine except for hand quilting on the background. I used Vliesofix to adhere all the shapes and Pigma pens to draw the face. Old doilies were cut up to make the inner border. These were all tea dyed. The quilt is approx. 18" x 20".
My grandmother was a very independent woman who lived to 98 years living in her own home. 


  1. YOU made this ??? Amazing Deb!! Really! Did you machine stitch around the vliesofixed parts ?
    And that inner border looks great, made out of doilies .... I can see flowers stitched on the outer border too (love to see everything close up on the bigger photo ;-) !!)
    Can imagine that you have to catch up sometimes on all the other blogs: happens to my too ...
    and my blogrol (the "inside one") is getting longer and longer, when I see something new of interest .... !
    But we "old stitchers" meet from time to time at Jude's place ;-)) that's always a good place to come back to! I will not go for the "Magic Whisper" (six months!) though very interesting and tempting ... but I must stick to my limits, I'll catch up sooner or later!!!