Friday, June 3, 2011

Bowling hoops

The next photo I used to make a small quilt was a picture of my grandmother (top right) as a young girl with her sisters and younger brother. I love the way she has her hands around her brother's neck! This was probably taken in Wales before the family emigrated to Australia.
This time I used an old doily as the background for my applique. All the applique pieces are held down with Vliesofix and then a small zigzag stitch around the edges. I had fun looking at the photo and then choosing appropriate fabrics for the clothes. Lots of hand stitching in the background.


  1. wow. great picture and amazing interpretation.

  2. Love it! And love all those old fashioned names. So did a beautiful job.

  3. I adore that photo of your grandmother and her siblings! So lovely.