Monday, June 6, 2011

Flotsam and jetsam and another photo

After a windy, wet and grey day yesterday there was lots of interesting bits and pieces on the beach this morning. Beautiful seaweed, colourful rope and lovely markings in the sand. (Click on photo for close-up.)
Another photo of my grandmother, this time all dressed up with her sisters and her mother (my great grandmother). I like to think they were all going out for a day on the town! As you can see in my little quilt I traced the photo from the wrong side and my quilt is round the wrong way! Artistic license again! More doilies in the border. I have quite a collection of these. You can still buy them at op shops quite cheaply. I like to think that the beautiful embroidery is having a second life.


  1. Deb your beach photos are amazing! I love them! And your quilt is incredible! What a wonderful heirloom you have made x

  2. Thank you so much Kerri. I do enjoy my walks on the beach.