Monday, May 2, 2011

Where did April go?

Oh my, where did April go? We've had some stunning weather so there's been lots of gardening, outdoor lunches and time on the beach walking and fishing. Easter was a five day holiday this year as Anzac Day fell in the middle of it, so we had to have an extra public holiday!  Not a lot of stitching happening, although I have finished my Wagga.
It's been made in the traditional style of 'making do' using a book if tailors samples, a book of furnishing fabric samples, an old pillow case and some pieces of a woolen dressing gown. All things I had in the cupboard! The back is two pieces of some old curtains and the hanging sleeve is some old mattress ticking. I've then stitched it all together with some big stitch quilting.

At the beach there has been some beautiful lace seaweed, a cranky crab leaving interesting tracks, and probably a cranky man who got his car stuck in the sand as the tide was coming in!


  1. Love your wagga, Deb.
    So beautiful and such an interesting take on our traditional English idea of a quilt. I had never heard of them before. You live and learn. Love the name too.
    Have you thought of uploading it to the V&A Quilt of Quilts site?
    I hope the link works. My computer is playing up something rotten.
    Cheers, Amanda

  2. Oh your quilt is so beautiful! It's amazing what YOU can make with what you find in the house!