Thursday, April 7, 2011


Not much stitching happening around here at the moment apart from very repetitious things. I've made 20 fabric rubbish containers (with plastic tub insert) for participants in a class I'm teaching this weekend. They are very quick and easy to make and make a very small dent in my fabric collection!
And I'm cutting up metres and metres of fabric that will be packaged up and presented to delegates at a quilting conference later this year.
A perfect autumn morning at the beach this morning - cool, sunny and crystal clear water! (Click on photos for a close-up.)


  1. Wow, 20 of those is a lot of stitching Deb. You have been busy. I bet you have a huge stash of fabric tucked away. I love the photo of the row of birds and that echidna quilt is lovely. I really like the colours you have used. At first I thought it was a hedgehog gone "wrong"..haha. Then I remembered where you live.

  2. Wow, that water is amazingly clear! I can't believe how many rubbish bins you made! They are gorgeous x

  3. Deb, they have arrived and they are amazing! Thank you! I can't decide which is my favourite! And I cannot believe it is humanly possible to sew so neatly. You must be part angel! So sweet of you to send them. They will be treasured x x