Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We think this handsome fellow and his little lady friend have a nest in a bush near our birdbaths. The first year we were here we never saw any blue wrens, the following years they would pass through once or twice a day. This year this couple are constantly around and keep flitting in and out of the bush. I have looked but can't see a nest - I'm sure it's very well disguised. Now I am constantly on the lookout for next door's cats!  As much as I like cats I wish there was a law that required people to keep cats on their own property!  When I spoke to the owner she was sure her cats never hunted wildlife!  Yeah, right!!
And just so there is a bit of stitching on this blog here are two little stitched pieces I did last year just for fun. They are about 16cm square and the tree in the second one was inspired by a drawing from the lovely Cathy of onepinkgoose and used with her permission of course!  I really enjoyed stitching these. I've used stranded cottons and some lovely variegated crochet cotton dyed by a friend, on a dark brown background.


  1. O wow Deb, (long time no see) this looks really great! The little stitches ánd the hand remind me of aboriginal art. We have a special museum for that in Holland(!) I started a blog too and it still takes me a lot of time posting but it is great FUN. Especially seeing all the old "beasts"!!! See you later, Els.

  2. That little bird is gorgeous and so are your stitchings!