Thursday, October 14, 2010

A dog's life!

Lot's of dogs having their walks on the beach this morning. One lady had five!
I made a quilt several years ago called "It's a Dog's Life!"  There were nine blocks, each with a dog in a different chair. Here are a couple.  All machine applique and machine piecing. All around the border I had sayings such as - 'his bark is worse than his bite',' let sleeping dogs lie', 'love me, love my dog', 'beware of the dog', 'dog eat dog', etc, etc.  It was so much fun picking the fabrics for the dogs and the chairs.
(I must have taken these photos with my old camera. Or else I didn't know how to use the close up mode!)


  1. great job on those chairs. would love to see the whole quilt.

  2. My goodness you are clever! I bet you would be an amazing painter x