Saturday, February 16, 2013

Busy, having fun!

Busy, busy, busy drawing and painting giraffes!  Thought I'd be getting sick of giraffes by now but I'm not. In fact I'm a bit obsessed. Can't wait to try something new each day. It's fun to stick to one subject and see how many ways you can interpret it. I've even done a bit of paper collage. Lots of fun but certainly not up to the standard of Amanda White on a blog I follow. Do go and have a look - amazing!

Our last challenge for Stitching Across the Ditch (12" x 9") was COLOURS. I found some photos on the internet and came up with my interpretation of a paint box. The background fabric was in my stash and comes from a range called Paintbox!

The weather has been beautiful lately so there has been a lot of this.....

under this.....


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  1. Mmm, paddling. Far too cold to do that here! Your giraffes are wonderful. I really love the blue one and that paintbox quilt is fantastic and such a great idea!