Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tully Show

The other day we went to the Tully Show. An old fashioned country show, beautiful weather and lots of interesting things to see. They judge the bananas and the sugar cane and all sorts of exotic fruits, vegetables and flowers.

 Our favourite exhibits were definitely the chickens! Beautiful feathers and cheeky expressions.

This one must have had a busy morning and was asleep on his feet!

Then of course there were the usual sideshows and rides.

You definitely won't find me on this one ....

A lovely days entertainment!

Our latest challenge for Stitching Across the Ditch was 'Red'. I came up with lots of ideas such as Redhead matches, Red Dog, red wine, redwork, etc. but went with The Red Carpet. I have never been in a limousine or walked on a red carpet but we all deserve a bit of 'red carpet' treatment occasionally don't you think? The limousine is worked in red embroidery thread so I did do a bit of redwork.

We have now completed a two year round of challenges and are about to embark on a new round. All this was started when Brenda Gail Smith (one of the members of TwelvebyTwelve) came and taught at our quilt camp and inspired a group of teachers and committee members to have a go! We've certainly had a lot of fun!

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  1. Love the red limousine and red carpet and those exotics at the show certainly make sweet peas in a vase and rows of carrots and apples look very tame!