Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time flies!

A very busy few weeks!
First of all we had our annual 6 day quilt camp in Adelaide. I am on the committee so although it's lots of fun, it's also lots of hard work! 170 women participated this year. Great classes, good food and lots of laughter!
Then it was a 6 day driving trip pulling the caravan to get to our favorite holiday destination - Mission Beach in Queensland. Warm sunshine, lush tropical vegetation and lots of lovely friends in the caravan park - wonderful! Worth the long drive! This is our 4th year here. It's wonderful to see the rainforest so lush and green again after Cyclone Yasi last year. Nature is amazing.

Now I can relax and start thinking about doing some stitching. I've brought a few projects with me.

Tangled threads ......

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  1. Hi Deb, you had some wonderful times !!! Six days of quilting with a whole bunch of women must be great fun, despite the hard work of organizing !
    And the pics of the beach are GORGEOUS ! Love to see with what stitching you'll come up with ... (after leisure time on the beach ;-) !!!)
    (the pic of those "tangled threads" Penny will love)