Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Too many ideas and not enough time! I think most of us have that problem. I was reading Karen's blog about her little hexagons and starting yet another project. Quite by coincidence I was piecing some little hexagons on the weekend too! (I need another project like a hole in the head but I just had an urge to try some!) I then decided I don't really like hexagons that much and started making some little triangles. I have no idea where these are going but wanted another little paper piecing project to carry around with me. And I've always had the same idea as Karen that not all these projects have to be finished. It's the doing, the planning and playing with the fabrics that is so much fun! 

My last paper piecing project, silk triangles, is now joined together in one piece and waiting for some border fabric. There are 1,792 one and half inch triangles in this piece for anyone who's interested in the statistics! Total madness I know, but I have just been quietly plodding along with it since 2005!  The papers are still in place until I put some borders on. I bought a lot of my silk scraps from Wafu Works in Tasmania.

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  1. The fabric you've used for the hexagons and triangles is lovely. And wow! to that silk triangles piece. It's amazing!! I love the close up shot of some of the blocks - those silks are so pretty.