Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Story Time

'Time' was the theme for our latest 12 x 9 challenge. I had various ideas including clocks, an hourglass, Old Man Time, etc. and then an image for story time appeared. I remember as a young mum struggling to find the 'time' to read that all important story and then nearly falling asleep as I read it. Now I am a grandma I have a lot more 'time' to read the stories but I still nearly fall asleep (especially after reading the same story five times!)  See more 'Time' quilts here.
I used commercial fabrics for the applique, a yellow shot cotton for the background, machine appliqued the picture and added some hand quilting on the background. I love that bug fabric!

On the beach this morning the remains of a magnificent sand castle with an impressive entrance bridge, and a nice piece of rusty chain that should make a good addition to the dye pot!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Deb, what a lovely piece! Story time is the best! It WAS when our daughter was small, end it IS now for the grandchildren .... ;-)
    (although they can read for themselves too now ofcourse)
    Love the sand castle