Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fluffy tails!

I decided my two rabbits needed fluffy tails, so after Googling 'how to make a quick pompom' they are now happy little bunnies!
And a sneak peek at my little 'fish' quilt. I started hand quilting it and didn't like it, so unpicked and quilted it by machine. Still not sure about it and may even make another one before the deadline! I have another idea but need to look for a certain fabric.  A trip to the quilt shop may be in order!


  1. love the bunnies and the fish. nice colors in that fish quilt. and i like the stitching. it's like waves in the water.

  2. Thank you Deanna. Yes, they are waves. They just overpower the fish a bit. I'm still working on it.

  3. Love those buns Deb. So cute with their little tails. I think the fish looks great. I like the combination of the blue and brown.

  4. Wow Deb, just found your site. Wonderful stuff. Quilts too.
    I am off to explore it all and enjoy - with a cup of tea.....