Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold, Wet and Windy

Well it seems as if summer is over (what little we had this year) and autumn has hit with a vengeance!  Rain, wind and rough seas!   This time last year we were in the middle of a heat wave!  On the beach this morning there are swathes of seaweed full of so many different colours (even pink!) and textures. Like miniature cottage gardens!  (Click on pictures for a close up.) 


  1. Your photos are beautiful and I love your stitchery!!

  2. Wow, what beautiful images! I love the first one because the turquoise sea looks so amazing against the grey sky. But I love all the others too because of the amazing textures! I'm not ready for autumn either x

  3. Wow, the sky in that first photo looks very dramatic and threatening Deb. I hope your weather improves. We are just into spring over here and the temps are much higher than they should be for the time of year. Your seaweeds are fascinating.