Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playing with colour

After working with shot cottons for my little challenge quilt I was keen to try something bigger! I've finished a lap size top using very geometric shapes (see below) and am now playing with some free pieced blocks for the back (see above) and thinking of doing a reversible quilt. It's so much fun playing with these colours.

The other morning I threw some bread scraps on the lawn for the birds and when I looked up a bit later my friend the fox was watching me!



  1. Right, that's it I'm coming over for a sewing lesson! You make it all look so easy! I think your fox is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Deb. How strange. I thought I had already commented on foxy but obviously not. He is lovely. They visit us at night but very secretively and definitely no photo opportunities. Love the quilting design above too. Lovely colours.