Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's been a busy couple of weeks. First of all a weeks holiday with friends in Port Vincent, fishing and feasting on blue swimmer crabs! Yummy!  Then home to babysit, catch up on some gardening and start a bit of a clean up in my sewing room (I don't think it's flash enough to call a studio!)  Have been sorting out my quilt batting supplies - keeping what I like and know I can use, and giving away the rest.
I have also given away two 'wonky' bears (that I bought several years ago in a second hand shop) to the delightful Jess of 'teddybearswednesday' fame. I didn't want them any more and Jess seemed very happy to give them a new home. They are winging their way to her as I write! They are looking very apprehensive here sitting on the couch but I know they will be very happy in their new home!
This fin was only a few metres off shore this morning!!  It's a dolphin with her baby trying to catch fish. Fun to watch.
So not a lot of stitching has been taking place. I am going to make some more colour blocks today.

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  1. Oh my goodness I thought it was a shark! I was just about to make you promise me you would never swim there! But a dolphin, wow! And a baby! How gorgeous. I would love to have seen that x