Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making tracks.....

It's busy on the beach at this time of the year. Cars, humans, dogs, all leaving tracks.
I'm making tracks on my wagga. Rows of stitching 2" apart. Nothing fancy, very utilitarian.


  1. I'm such a dork! I miss-spelled stitch and that's why your blog wouldn't come up! Oh dear. I'm loving the patchwork. I'm thinking of having a go myself.

  2. Oh you should, you'll get hooked! You've already started with your scarf. Start with something small like a cushion. Happy to give you any advice.

  3. Tracks are fascinating Deb. You have some lovely photos here. I especially love the seagulls. I particularly like the ripple effect you get on beaches too. Your wagga looks interesting but I am not sure what a wagga actually is. Is it a type of quilt? Good luck with its completion anyway.


  4. Ha! Coincidence? How about that... on the other side of the world.
    Your stitches are very effective on that lovely patchwork.
    Thanks for stopping by and directing me here.

  5. Hi Deb--thanks for your comment on my blog. Can you tell me more about the font? Is it hard to read or what? It's supposed to look like typewriter printing. I just get tired of some of the fonts you see all the time!

  6. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for stopping by my little place in the universe yesterday.
    The quilt in the photo is one I purchased. I've never attempted to make a quilt but love them dearly...old or new :)