Friday, January 21, 2011


Went down to the beach at 6am yesterday to watch the moon set over the horizon.
On the way home I took photos of the cactus flower in the neighbours driveway. This cactus is growing in gravel, next to a pile of rubbish and up against a tin fence. It keeps producing the most beautiful flowers. They are quite large - about as big as my outstretched hand. Click on photo for close-up.
I am working on our next 12 x 9 challenge - the theme is 'Through the Window'.


  1. Hi Deb, don't you just love it when nature takes a hand and produces something beautiful in an area that is, to say the least, not pretty? I love to see little tiny flowers pushing up between flagstones. Love those cactus petals.

  2. The moon above the ocean is beautiful. Isnt it amazing how lovely flowers can bloom in the most unlikely places?!

  3. These pictures are lovely Deb!