Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roy G Biv - Green

I had fun looking for green this month. I have fun looking for the colours every month!

The first photo is part of my sea glass collection. Lots of shades of green!


Apples and a pear in my fruit bowl.


A pretty succulent with the green turning pink on the tips of the leaves.


A palm leaf on one of my walks!


This is a grassy creeper that has grown up and along a fence, with all the other shades of green in the vegetation and on the hills behind. Again seen on one of my walks.


And seaweed on the beach comes in all shades of green!



  1. I covet your sea glass - especially the ring!

  2. Gorgeous greens, Deb! I love the sea glass but also the shadow of you on the palm fronds. Thanks for playing along again this month.--Julie

  3. That sea glass is such a glorious green - the deepest pieces are the colour of a good emerald - a girl can dream ....

  4. Oh, the sea glass, I think I'm green with envy. Delicious!

  5. I like green glass! My name is Daniela Dancelli, i'm italian quilter. Your self portrait is fun! I also have a blog if you go visit it!