Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Breast Pockets

I have made some more breast pockets for Melanie. Read about her project here.
She needs a lot more pockets to reach her goal of 1000 and she has extended the deadline.
Mine are made from two coordinating pieces of fabric with a button and some hand stitching added. Two of them are made from old appliqued napkins. They are quick and easy to do. And fun!

The weather has warmed up and there is wildlife to be seen on the beach and in the back yard! This lizard sat on the fence post catching the sun and watching me weed. He wasn't put off when I brought out the camera. Perhaps he knew he was going to star on my blog!

This cockatoo has spent several days in the pine tree at the back being very vocal and chewing away at the new pine cones.

Seagulls enjoying the lovely weather and calm seas.

Four baby magpies having a ball playing in the bird baths and sprinkler.

And a tiny Red-capped Plover whizzing around on the beach with it's partner.

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  1. OK, wait! The pockets are fabulous, but they get overwhelmed by the bird action! I love birds! Great work on both counts! Thank you so much for participating. I pinned them with attribution to my Pinterest board.