Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A rainbow, a rat and some mice!

A rainbow greeted us on the beach this morning. Beautiful!

We had a visitor on the lawn the other day after I threw some scraps of bread out for the magpies! Not sure if it's a bush rat or a 'real' rat. Hopefully the former! He dashed backwards and forwards into the bushes carrying some of the crusts. Very cute!

I also have a family of mice!  I have a teaching engagement once a year and like to make the participants a small gift. This year it is a mouse pincushion. Fiddly but fun to make. They each ended up with their own personality!

There has been a bit more progress on my Travelers Blanket with another block stitched. Straight stitches and colonial knots. This one reminds me of all the different seaweed we see on the beach.


  1. Oh my! You live right next to the ocean? Lucky you.

  2. sweet mice. like a loving family gathering.