Friday, August 27, 2010


Have started quilting my beast family to a backing. The backing is the reverse side of a large sun print of some leaves done by a (deceased) friend of mine many years ago, so it's nice to use this and think of her as I stitch. It means the piece is reversible!
It took a long time but I've managed to post THREE photos at once and get them all in the centre!  Will I be able to remember how I did it??!! 


  1. I also love the fabric that you used as a backing...such a lovely story and a nice tribute to your friend.
    I love these little fellows :) Will there be more
    Frondescence family member appearing?

  2. oh hey, the blog look great! as well as your stitching. still catching up here. oh what fun these creatures are!

  3. This is all so wonderful. It is such a wonderful thing to connect to those we love through their fabrics...

  4. Hi Deb - thanks for visiting me. These characters of yours are wonderful!! The starry-eyed blue-winged fellow with is my favorite. Such a fun use of all the elements to make these little figures.

  5. Can't wait to see it finished!