Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, they've had my camera, and my money, for two weeks now!  How long does it take to replace a broken screen?  However, some stitching has been happening. I just can't show you without a camera!
I've been working on a small quilt for the Quilting Arts Calendar contest 'Feeling Pet-ty!'. Probably can't show you a photo of that anyway if I want to enter the competition.
Also finished the next small quilt for our challenge. The theme this time was 'My Collection'. This was a hard one because like most of us I have a few collections!!
I'm also stitching a found piece of table linen for the found,stitched and dyed sewing circle.
Because a blog is a bit boring without a photo, here is the front and back of a moth on the window that I took a few months ago. Hard to believe it's the same moth. Click on photos to see more detail.

So I've been keeping busy. I just want my camera back!


  1. Goodness, you sound very busy! How annoying not to have your camera! I don't think I could bear it. Fingers crossed that it won't be much longer.

  2. Hi Deb. Lovely to be back to blogging after so long. Nice to see what everyone has been up to too. Very sorry to hear about your camera. I would desparate without mine too. I hope it gets back to you soon. Fancy visiting Ayers Rock. How wonderful. It must be magnificent in real life. Thanks for the mention again with your lovely stitchery. Have a good week. We have had snow.